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Eric Wedepohl

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Eric is the Director and Principal of Ascendent - a boutique advisory firm that supports the growth of start-ups and SMEs.
With a focus on Deep Tech and socially impactful ventures, he's a strong advocate for female entrepreneurs, having guided over a hundred women-led companies. 
Eric's also sits on various start-up boards and advisory boards, including Sitemate, Hampr, Nomad Atomics, Microtau, and Wollemi. He's also an integral part of accelerator programs like CSIRO ON, UNSW10X, Taronga Hatch, CPA Remarkable, and AMP Tomorrow Makers.
Before launching Ascendent, Eric co-founded and lead Geoforce, a subsurface mapping company in mining, infrastructure, and the environment sectors. This venture culminated in a successful merger with Groundprobe, followed by Groundprobe's sale to Crescent Capital.
Eric's journey began as a research scientist and manager, spearheading geophysical imaging technology commercialization across South Africa, Australia, and North America.
Outside the start-up realm, Eric thrives in nature through travel and trail running, relishing great food and conversations. These moments are best shared with his wife and kindred spirit, Ryz.

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