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Welcome to Apropela
(formerly Heads Over Heels)

Apropela supports ambitious women entrepreneurs by opening up influential business networks.

The organisation was founded as a not-for-profit in 2010 with a mission to take practical steps to help eliminate gender discrimination and give female leaders the tools they need to grow their companies more quickly

This is where we come in.

At regular networking events in Sydney and Melbourne, they pitch ideas, discuss challenges and talk through their ‘Asks’ (what they really need to fast-track to the next level) and then establish invaluable personal connections with a targeted gathering of people who have the power to unlock tangible solutions and exciting opportunities.

The thousands of connections we’ve facilitated have led to some spectacular benefits, not just for our CEOs, but for the Connectors too. A 2019 report revealed that of the 25 chief executives appointed to run Australia's top 200 companies that year, only two were women. Overall, just six per cent of ASX200 businesses have a woman in the top jobTackling this imbalance requires direct, positive action to reduce deeply entrenched attitudes to allow female business leaders to thrive.

The Apropela model is simple and unique – events where carefully selected women (our Portfolio CEOs) outline their companies’ ambitions and challenges, and then explain their ‘Asks’ to an invited audience of prominent and powerful business leaders (Connectors). Interested parties then make connections and facilitate further introductions to relevant contacts in their address book.

That’s when the magic happens! Women who have been held back for so long by lack of opportunity can finally achieve new goals and fulfil their potential.

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