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"The Power of Networking"

Lisa Vincent, the Co - Founder and CEO of HowToo, shared her experience and company's progress since presenting at Heads Over Heels in August 2021 as a Portfolio CEO.

HowToo is an AI-enabled upskilling platform that combines science-based design and ease of use to allow workers to capture their experience and knowledge in shareable digital courses, effectively plugging the knowledge drain gap costing businesses millions every year.

What's your company's point of difference? 

So it’s the way we enable anyone with knowledge to convert to great digital learning they can share with others. It’s the ease in which that process happens and also that it is accessible content so people who are living with disability can also consume that content. So what we are really doing is enabling the upscaling and developing of people globally through a platform that makes it really easy to share that knowledge in a format that really helps people learn.

How did Heads Over Heels provide practical support? 

In a lot of ways! 

Loved the process of pitch training with Jason and Nicola. It gave me an opportunity to practise the pitch, hone it, have recordings, get the feedback and then improve it prior to the actual pitch. So I think that this process is really good! 

Pitch itself is an amazing experience and a good personal challenge. You are getting to pitch to people who are very high profile, very intelligent, very well connected, so being put on to that spotlight is a good experience for your skill development for that space to pitch but also for building your profile with them as well.

What is the single biggest thing that helped you grow? 

Heads Over Heels expanded our reach, network and our profile. We got clients, partners and opportunities to do some PR.  

One of our investors said she met someone who told her she’d seen me pitch at Heads Over Heels - that shows the extent of the reach and that the profile building continues well beyond that short time frame of post the actual pitch.  


Who or what were your 'connections for growth'? 

The one that stands out was Dan Cotton he overwhelmed us with leads, we secured one partner and are still talking to two others. He was extremely generous and very supportive.  

Diane Grady AO, was also very generous offering 10+ connections to a selection of relevant senior executives.

There were just so many super generous connectors including the other Portfolio Companies. Which shows the power of networking

Were there any challenges Heads Over Heels helped you overcome? 

After the event I wasn’t sure about the messaging approach to take with the few of the connectors - to understand their backgrounds and what angle to take with my first email. We got some really valuable advice and support on how to best approach and maximise the connection.    

What one thing would you do differently? 

Definitely block out some more time!  

What advice would you give female founders following you? 

Be open to the experience and the opportunity to give your pitch to work out as well as take onboard the feedback from Jason and Nicola as it is a very valuable experience.

Be prepared that it does take a lot of practice – you get one chance and a great opportunity. Put some time to practise and get yourself really well rehearsed beforehand. It’s seven minutes that you won’t get that back!  Realise this will require a considerable time post pitch to do a professional follow up - so make sure you’re dedicating time afterwards to get the most out of it. 


If you could describe your experience with Heads Over Heels team in 3 words what would they be? 

Inspiring, game-changing and a really big confidence boost!


Is there anything else you'd like to add? 

I appreciate the opportunity from Heads Over Heels, Nicola, Jason, your Platinum Partners, and I think it’s a fantastic thing you’re doing. I’m just extremely appreciative of the value we got from it and we’re very much focused on how we can give back!  

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