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Portfolio Company Application Form

If you're a female entrepreneur and would like Apropela (formerly Heads Over Heels) to put you in touch with industry figures who can open up their address books to kick start your ambition, then this is where to start!


The first step is fill in the form below. Our CEO Kate Harper will then get in touch to arrange a time for you to see us in action by attending a Portfolio Event. If you then decide you’d like to proceed further, you’ll be asked to provide some additional company information and then we’ll arrange a convenient date for you to meet our screening committee to explain the challenges you’re facing and what ‘Asks’ would be most useful for helping you achieve your goals.


If selected, we’ll then ensure that you’re able to present to a highly targeted group of Connectors.

Responsibilities and expectations of Portfolio Company CEOs:

The success of Apropela is based on the ethos of ‘support the network that supports you’. With this in mind, we’ve outlined the expectations we have for our Portfolio Company CEOs.

  • Connections: proactively chase your offers of connection, documenting their progress and communicating updates to us. Always act professionally and be both responsive and gracious when dealing with Connectors. Reply promptly to requests for information.

  • Community: Participate in Apropela events where possible and become a Connector yourself for other Portfolio CEOs. Share your experiences with the Apropela CEO community when relevant and help lift other women. Provide constructive feedback to us on your experience so we can keep getting better! 

  • Ambassadors: Be an active ambassador for us and encourage anyone you know who’d could be a Connector to get involved. Display our logo on your website and LinkedIn profile. Make yourself available for media interviews and presentations to our partners and supporters.


We also hope you’d consider financially supporting us when you successfully exit, especially if you feel we’ve played a part in your success.

Thanks for submitting!

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