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"Introductions Turned Into Clients!"

Fiona Church, the Co - Founder of Trendspek, shared her experience and company's progress since presenting at Heads Over Heels in August 2021 as a Portfolio CEO.

Trendspek is a Precision Asset Intelligence (PAI) software that enables you to draw on vast volumes of asset data, distilled into a user-friendly interface, to finally deliver trust and certainty in asset management.

What’s your company’s point of difference?

We are the Precision Asset Intelligence (PAI) software that gives people the exact digital replica of a build structure whether it is a high-rise building, bridge or an industrial asset. The software enables managers and engineers to perform a completely remote inspection, see paint flaking, cracking upon side of the building, all without having to send anyone to site or to use dangerous methods like abseiling or using EWPs (elevating work platforms).


How did HOH provide practical support?

Jason and Nicola helped to refine the pitch and make it digestible for people who never seen Trendspek and its technology. By simplifying and explaining what Trendspek really is, we could really resonate with the audience.

This in turn helped to receive 60+ offers of connections to target companies across a range of industries. A lot of which were very high profile, global companies! This was a huge result to my team and I was blown away by the results from that one 7-minute pitch!


What was the single biggest thing that helped you grow?

The shortcutting the process by being introduced by executive or senior level people to someone who actually leads the target area of interest in the organisation.

As an example, normally we are adopted by an asset manager, facilities manager, technology or an innovation officer, so when the introduction comes from the senior level it is more likely that the person leading the area of interest will at least check you out and talk to you.

The ability to get in front of the right people is what really makes a difference. This is also why several of those introductions turned into clients for us in a short space of time!


Who or what were your ‘connections for growth’?

Cynthia Scott introduced me to several people in the property sector who were targets. The response to the introductions was phenomenal. Additional offers of connections came up on top of the initial ones following the conversations with Cynthia. 

Diane Grady AO made one of the key offers of connection who were the first ones to convert to clients!

Tom Perkin made a lot of introductions in infrastructure/construction space and has been extremely helpful in even just identifying and recommending other organisations to come talk to us.


All the Connectors where really great to work with and extremely generous with their time!

Were there any challenges HOH helped you overcome?

Sometimes people can misidentify us, thinking we are just a drone company. Heads Over Heels helped us refine our messaging in our pitch and shape it from an external perspective, to showcase what we actually are from the start.


Also, being part of Heads Over Heels gives you credibility, that you are not just a random company off the street.


What one thing would you do differently?

Make the ASKS more targeted to make the process more efficient.


What advice would you give to female founders following you?

Just do it and be open-minded. Sometimes we must take the opportunity when it comes up and not overthink it!


If you could describe your experience with Heads Over Heels team in 3 words what would they be?

Supportive, encouraging and game changing for the business.


What was the overall impact of HOH to your Company?

Definitely REVENUE from new clients as well as increased brand awareness, introductions to investors (hence successful investment), personal professional development, growth of professional network.


Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I would recommend everyone who wants to grow and develop their business apply for Heads Over Heels, as it was one of the best things we done as a company. It had such a significant impact to help us grow so much faster than what we would have organically attempted to network ourselves. If you can get in - definitely a huge step up!

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